Please place garbage cans in your driveway and OFF of the Town road so it is not hit by a plow. Make sure your mail box post is in good condition. The post and box must be able to withstand snow hitting them as it rolls off the plow blade. If the box is damaged due to poor condition or snow hitting it, the Town will not replace it. The box will only be replaced if the Town plow hits the box and post. Please shovel around your box to assure mail service. The Town of Lafayette would again like to remind everyone that it is not only dangerous but unlawful to plow or push snow onto or across a public highway. Section 346.94(5), Wisconsin statutes prohibits this action. PLACING INJUROUS SUBSTANCE ON HIGHWAY. No person shall place or cause to be place upon a highway any foreign Substance which is or may be injurious to any vehicle of part thereof. Plowing snow across a town road may result in a fine. Snow left in ridges or piles on the road and/or highway create a hazard for vehicles. Snow piled on the shoulders may also create problems for equipment during normal plowing operations and increases the possibility of snow drifting across the road and/or highway in these areas. We encourage your cooperation for the safety of all who travel the Lafayette Town roads. Thank you.