BURN BARREL *Not allowed in Residential Zoned Property

We have received several calls regarding burn barrels.  Per Ord. 96-7 Amended, 08/19/2019, SECTION 6.  BURN BARRELS.   Any outdoor container used for repeated burning of authorized materials shall require a Town of Lafayette Burning Barrel Written Permit, valid for 12 months for an annual fee of $10. The burn barrel shall be of non-combustible construction, equipped with a mesh, or similar cover with openings of maximum 0.50-inch in any direction, with 1- inch holes punched in for ventilation and drainage, and also blocked 6 to 10-inches up off the ground. It shall be located a safe distance away from any habitable structure, and shall not produce irritating or noxious smoke or fumes. Burn barrels shall be located at least 250 feet distance from the nearest building that is not on the same property as the burn barrel. Burn Barrels are not allowed in R-1 or R-2 Residential Districts within the Town of Lafayette.  Attached is a copy of the amended Ordinance 89-7.