Bateman Cemetery

The Bateman Cemetery is located on the corner of County Highway X and south County Highway K, Town of Lafayette.

Cemetery Sexton: Pete Krumenauer, Phone 715 382-4557 for information.

You may check the website for a list of grave site names.  Search for Bateman Cemetery, Bateman, Chippewa County and a list of 644 sites will be displayed.  You may then search by name. The site is not connected to the Town of Lafayette but has excellent information and records.

The Town of Lafayette has dedicated Bateman Cemetery as a place of restful and harmonious beauty, and it desires to perpetually maintain the premises not only as a place of comfort to the relatives and friends of deceased loved ones, but one of pride for the entire community. It is owned and maintained by the Town of Lafayette for the benefit of all citizens. It is a non-denominational cemetery.

Rules and regulations are set to insure proper maintenance and to prevent abuse and destruction. A copy of the Cemetery Regulation Ordinance, July, 1982 is available upon request.

The cemetery will be open for visitors at all times between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and one-half hour before the official sunset.  

PLOT PRICE: $ 500.00    2023 PRICING
PLOT Size:  4 plots per lot 
Monument companies set their own markers and monuments.
Upon payment for a lot, a Bateman Cemetery Deed will be given to purchaser noting the Lot, Block and Section of the lot, under seal, and the deed will be recorded in the records of the Town as evidence of ownership of the lot.