ASSESSMENT / If I have a question regarding my property assessment who do I contact?

You can contact Bowmar Appraisal Inc., Roger Koski (715) 835-1141, 4330 Golf Terrace #208, Eau Claire, WI 54701  All property records are maintained by Bowmar Appraisal and are available through their office.

BOATLANDING /May I purchase a sticker for the Lafayette boat landing?

Yes, boat stickers are available at the Town Hall during regular office hours.  The fee is $ 5.00 for Town Residents and $ 5.00 for Town Property Owners.  Your Lafayette address and boat registration number are required.  Non- residents may purchase a boat landing sticker for $ 50.00.The boat landing is located off of County Hwy X.

BUILDING PERMITS, DRIVEWAY PERMITS, ZONING QUESTIONS AND INSPECTIONS / Who do I contact regarding building permits, driveway permits, zoning questions and building inspections? 

Chippewa County Zoning at (715) 726-7940 for permits and zoning questions. For Building Inspections contact Fred Hankel at (715) 726-7940.

BRUSH & LEAF SITE INFORMATION / YEARLY PASS $ 35.00 FOR RESIDENTS ONLY   DAILY PASS $ 5.00 MUST USE ON DATE PURCHASED. The site will be open to residents on the last Saturday of each month during recycling hours, 8 am to 1 pm, no charge. Grass clippings, leaves allowed in compost site, they must be removed from plastic bags. Brush, branches, smaller than 6″ in diameter, pine cones allowed in brush site. No stumps, no tree roots, no timbers, no railroad ties, no trees larger than 6″ in diameter are allowed in the brush site.   No cement blocks, landscaping rocks and/or cement items. No garbage, furniture, mattress, sofas, tables, no concrete blocks, chunks of cement or rocks are allowed in either one of the sites. Violators will be banned from the site. Site is video monitored please do not share or give out your code number. Violator’s will be banned from the site. Thank you for your help in maintaining the leaf and brush site.

BURNING BARREL PERMITS / Are burning barrels permitted in the Township?

Yes, they are required and may be obtained at the Town Hall during office hours. Burn dry paper and untreated wood only in barrels.  Open burning is allowed after 3:30 pm weekdays and after 7:00 am on Saturday, and must be extinguished by midnight.  NO burning is allow on Sunday or on any holiday.  Burning prior to 3:30 pm you must call 715 723-5488, Chippewa Fire Protection Dist. Fires must be under control at all times.  Brush and leaves from your property only.

CEMETERY / Where is Bateman Cemetery located? 

The cemetery is located at the corner of County Hwy X and County Hwy K in the Town of Lafayette.  Contact Cemetery Sexton as listed on contact page for information.

CLEAN UP DAY / When is it possible to dispose of items other than recycling?   There is Spring Clean up Day scheduled for the last Saturday in April of each year.  Hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  This is an excellent opportunity to dispose of unwanted items that cannot be recycled.  Dumpsters are located near the Recycling Center.  Donations to defray the cost of dumpsters are appreciated.  Refuse from Commercial Property Owners, hazardous material and/or building material will not be accepted.  Hazardous waste can be disposed of at the Chippewa County Spring and Fall Clean Up located at the fairgrounds. 

CREDIT CARDS / NO credit cards and/or debit cards are accepted for payment at the Town Hall.  Please make checks payable to Town of Lafayette if needed for misc. license, etc.

DOG / Do I have to license my dog in the Town of Lafayette?

Yes, dog licensing is done annually. State law requires all dogs over the age of 5 months to be licensed by April 1st of each calendar year.  A dog license may be obtained at the Town Hall during regular office hours.  A current copy of the dog’s rabies vaccination certificate must be presented at the time the license is applied for.  There is a $ 5.00 late fee after March 31st of each year. To obtain a license by mail, send a completed Dog License application, a copy of the current rabies vaccination cert, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and the correct fee for each dog.   Cats are not required to have a license.

What is the fee for a dog license?

If your pet is neutered/spayed the cost is $ 11.00.  If not, the cost is $ 16.00.  If you fail to license your dog before March 31st of the current year, a $ 5.00 late fee must be included for each doge you are licensing.

ELECTIONS / Where do I register to vote or obtain an Absentee Ballot and where do I vote?

Vote and obtain registration and absentee ballot information at the Town Clerk’s office at 5765 197th Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729.  Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.  A new registration form must be completed for name and address changes within the Township. To check your voter history visit: https:/myvote.wi.gov/ Forms are available for your convenience at their website.

FIREWORKS / Is there a permit available?

The following permits are available at the Town Hall. There is not a permit fee. A copy of such permit must be given to the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Dept. and Chippewa Fire District 48 hours in advance.

A residential permit is available. The permit is issued in order to purchase, possess, and display fireworks as defined by Wis. Stat 167.10 for pyrotechnic displays or agricultural purposes.

A vendor permit is available. The permit is issued in order to purchase, possess, and display fireworks as defined by Wis. Stat 167.10 and further defined by 27 CRF 555.11 for ground devices containing 15 milligrams or less of flash powder and aerial devices containing 130 milligrams or less of flash powder for pyrotechnic displays or agricultural purposes. Vendor must have a separate distance of 100 ft. from any commercial or residential structure and any combustible material. No Vendor shall permit any discharge of any type of material, combustible or fireworks within a 500 ft. radius of Vendor’s site or location.

FIRE & MEDICAL EMERGENCIES / Who do I call in an emergency? Call 911.

The Town is a member of the Chippewa Fire Protection district, which provides fire and medical emergency services to our residents.  They are a combination volunteer and career organization consisting of four fire stations and over 100 firefighters.  Fire Stations are located in Lafayette, Lake Hall, Town of Howard and Town of Wheaton.  A full time advanced life support EMT is staffed full time.

HALL RENTAL / Is the town hall available for rental?

Call 715 723-7692 for information and available dates.  Dates must be approved with Town business always considered first.

RENTAL FEES: $100 Per day for Residents, $150 Per day for Non-residents. Rent is to be paid in cash unless paid in full two weeks prior to your event.       A $50 security deposit is required upon signing the contract as confirmation of rental.  This deposit will be refunded when the terms of this contract are fulfilled.  Forfeiture of deposit may be appealed to the Town Board. This deposit may be forfeited in part or total for any property damage or failure to comply with the cleanup terms of this contract.  IF DAMAGE EXCEEDS DEPOSIT, THE RENTER WILL BE BILLED FOR THE DIFFERENCE!                          

KITCHEN FACILITIES: No preparation of food by caterers on the premises.  Kitchen facilities are to be used for preparation by the renters only, or for warming food by caterers.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Are allowed to be consumed on premises, but CAN NOT BE SOLD.  Admission fees to planned events are also NOT allowed if any alcoholic beverages are going to be served.  For any rental where alcohol may be consumed or present during the hall rental, an Alcohol Social Use Agreement must be read, signed, and turned in prior to the rental being approved and scheduled.

NON-PROFIT:  Non-profit organizations MAY have rental fees waived with prior Town Board approval.  Organizations will still abide by these same rules and must have a security deposit on file. 

LAW ENFORCEMENT / Who do I contact for law enforcement?  The Chippewa County’s Sheriff’s Department provides service in the Town of Lafayette.  The non-emergency phone number is 715-726-7701.

OPERATOR/BARTENDER PERMIT / How do I obtain an operator/bartender license?

You will need to complete the Bartender/Operator License Application and provide a copy of your certificate of completion of an approved Responsible Beverage Server’s Course.  The fee is $ 20.00.

PARKS & RECREATION / Contact information is available at this website for Lafayette Sports registration dates and forms for soccer, softball, t-ball and baseball.  Your support is appreciated.

RAY’S BEACH & WAYSIDE AREA / Where is Ray’s Beach located and hours?

Rays’ Beach is located on the north side of County Hwy X across from LaGrander’s Drive Inn.  The beach is open to the public.  NO dogs are allowed.  There is no fee however donations are welcomed.  The beach closes at 11:00 pm per signage posted.  The wayside area and beach parking is posted NO Overnight Parking or Camping.

RECYCLING / Do I have to recycle?  Yes, you can ask your garbage hauler or use our Recycling Center.  See additional information under recycling page.

TAX PAYMENT / Where do I pay my property tax bill?

Property tax bills are mailed from Chippewa County in mid to late December each year.

Payment in full or the 1st installment is due by January 31st to the Town of Lafayette Treasurer in person or by mail at the Town Hall, 5765 197th Street, Chippewa Falls, WI  54729. 

Regular hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Additional hours for tax payments will be noted at Town Hall and/or on website.

The 2nd installment is due by July 31st, payable to the Chippewa County Treasurer’s Office, 711 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls, WI  54729.

Does the Town accept credit cards for tax payments? No.