Is the town hall available for rental?

Call 715 723-7692 for information and available dates.  Dates must be approved with Town business always considered first.

RENTAL FEES: $100 Per day for Residents, $150 Per day for Non-residents. Rent is to be paid in cash unless paid in full two weeks prior to your event.       A $50 security deposit is required upon signing the contract as confirmation of rental.  This deposit will be refunded when the terms of this contract are fulfilled.  Forfeiture of deposit may be appealed to the Town Board. This deposit may be forfeited in part or total for any property damage or failure to comply with the cleanup terms of this contract.  IF DAMAGE EXCEEDS DEPOSIT, THE RENTER WILL BE BILLED FOR THE DIFFERENCE

KITCHEN FACILITIES: No preparation of food by caterers on the premises.  Kitchen facilities are to be used for preparation by the renters only, or for warming food by caterers.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Are allowed to be consumed on premises, but CAN NOT BE SOLD.  Admission fees to planned events are also NOT allowed if any alcoholic beverages are going to be served.  For any rental where alcohol may be consumed or present during the hall rental, an Alcohol Social Use Agreement must be read, signed, and turned in prior to the rental being approved and scheduled.

NON-PROFIT:  Non-profit organizations MAY have rental fees waived with prior Town Board approval.  Organizations will still abide by these same rules and must have a security deposit on file.